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Small Installation, Big Rewards

Maintaining optimal humidity levels in your home has many benefits for both you and the structure of your house. Humidification will help ease the pain of dry eyes, dry nose, and dry throat. Humidifying your home will also help retain heat. Humid air will hold more heat than air that is dry. This will mean your furnace will have to work less in order to keep your home warm, which reduces your heating costs.

It’s also crucial to have a humidifier in any home that is built after 1993. The reason for this is homes that are built after 1993 are so tightly constructed that the house does not breath as well at it should. This causes your home to have no infiltration or exfiltration. Which means that during the winter time, your house will become dry. All the wood, hardwood, furniture, will start to warp, creek, and crack.