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Do you have a broken AC that needs fixing? Reach out to us and we’ll have technicians come to your home and determine the problem within minutes. No matter what make or model you currently have installed, we can fix it.


  • Full safety & diagnostic check of your system

  • Fixed price quote including all parts & labour

  • 90 day labour warranty & 1 year parts coverage

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Routine maintenance is key to your AC unit working correct and efficiently. It is recommend to clean or change the filters of your AC unit once a month during the cooling season. By neglecting to change the filter, the air flow will decrease, and the system will not perform efficiently. It’s important to monitor the AC for any obstructions, which may affect the inner workings of the unit. To keep an efficient air system, you should have a certified technician perform maintenance on the unit about once a year. The best time for this maintenance is before the cooling season begins to avoid any problems during hot summer days.

Common Problems:

  • If your unit is not running, it’s likely due to a blown fuse, tripped breaker, or faulty thermostat.

  • If your unit keeps switching on and off, the condenser unit or evaporator may be dirty or blocked.

  • If your unit is not cooling evenly, it may be a cause of the vents being blocked. It also may be a cause of leaking ducts or not enough insulation.

  • If your unit is running but isn’t cooling, your condenser is either blocked, has a faulty compressor, or inadequate refrigerant levels.

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The first step in having a new air conditioner installed is to select one that matches the unique needs of your home. We’ll work closely with you to select a central system that matches the requirements of your home in terms of space, capacity and energy efficiency.

How long does it take to install an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning installations can be completed in a couple of hours for residential homes, and a single day for commercial buildings. Although, additional work may be required if you need an upgrade to your ductwork to support your new system.

Air Conditioning Replacement

If you already have an air conditioning system, AC replacement may be necessary in order to have a more efficient system. In the case of having an old air conditioning system, the components are likely already in place, but your compressor unit might be old, contaminated, or may not be working at all.

Contact us today to learn more about how an AC upgrade can save you money over your existing system.

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A ductless air conditioner is a lot like a central air conditioner. They both consist of an indoor unit, which is the evaporator, and an outdoor unit which is the condenser. The main difference between the two is how they distribute air throughout your home. A ductless system, directs the cool air to a slender box that mounts to a ceiling in a room or wall, instead of through your ductwork.


  • Is significantly quieter than a central AC

  • Works for homes that don’t have ductwork

  • Perfect for cooling specific rooms or areas


  • They tend to be installed on a wall or ceiling

  • If you need to cool a large area, you will typically need to install multiple units which could end up costing more than a central AC