BOILER Systems

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Boiler, Combination, Radiant Systems

A boiler heating system heats liquid, which is usually water, then pumps it through radiators to heat your home. Certain boiler models can also provide hot water for your kitchen, washing machine, bathrooms etc…

By having a fully modulating boiler pump, that only uses as much energy as needed, you will constantly maintain a warm comforting temperature rather than forcing hot air into your home. Boilers are energy smart. Radiant heating is more effective at transferring heat to areas and people, which keeps your home feeling warm without having to keep the temperature high.

Combination boilers also help you save space by being an all inclusive system. A unique compact wall-mounted “combi” design, provides hot water and heating in the same system.

Boiler Maintenance & Repairs

Boiler maintenance is needed regularly, at least once a year. Avoiding check ups increases the possibility that the boiler may malfunction. Regular boiler maintenance can also boost its life time, and bring you steady savings in the process.

It is extremely important for the pipes and joints to be checked in order to discover signs of leaks, cracks, or holes. If discovered and not repaired, it may cause low water pressure, which will further cause blockage in the pipes. Boiler water levels should also get checked. When the water level falls too low the system works inefficiently, causing your electricity bills to increase and could further damage the system itself.